AirtowFeatures_GroundLevelLoadingGROUND-LEVEL LOADING
Ground level loading is the key feature of the Air-tow trailer. The deck remains level as it raises or lowers hydraulically in less than 15 seconds. No dangerous loading ramps or difficult tilt beds! Loading can be done quickly and safely with only one person. Ideal for loading equipment with low clearance or poor traction even with inclement weather.
AirtowFeatures_UnCoupledLoadingLOADING WHILE UNCOUPLED
Would you like to load your equipment and have it ready for pick up? Would you like to unhitch at the jobsite and leave? No problem! The Air-tow does not have to be coupled to a tow vehicle in order to load or unload. This is not possible with other type trailers. A real plus for the Air-tow.
AirtowFeatures_CurbLoadingCURB-SIDE LOADING
Lower the deck complete to the ground or stop at curb level. There are times when this feature really simplifies your loading and unloading. The low ramp angle makes it easy to load with a hand cart or drive low ground-clearance equipment onto the deck.
AirtowFeatures_ExtraWideDeckEXTRA WIDE DECK
Want to carry bigger skip loaders, wide pavement sweepers or two scissor lifts side-by-side? Not a problem with the full 6′-3″ (75″) wide deck. Over all width of the trailer is still within the 101″ legal limit.
AirtowFeatures_LowRampAngleLOW RAMP ANGLE
The trailer deck has a full width, 18 inch, seven degree loading ramp. This small ramp angle allows loading of all types of equipment with low ground clearance without interference. Also, loading with hand carts or dollies is easy.
AirtowFeatures_ExtraWideDeckHEAVY DUTY DECK
The trailer is designed to handle heavy loads without any deforming or warping of the deck. Additional deck cross members have been placed so that regardless of load placement it is equally supported. The deck itself is of heavy 3/16″ steel diamond floor plate.
AirtowFeatures_DRings“D” RINGS
Eight heavy duty “D” rings are located along the edge of the trailer deck (four are evenly spaced along each side). These rings provide a positive location to secure your load with tie-down straps or chains.
The wheels and suspension are all located within the confines of the trailer frame. No fenders to damage! The chassis design allows maximum deck width while maintaining a legal overall trailer width.
AirtowFeatures_SwingArmAxlesSWING-ARM AXLES
The heavy duty triangular axle is of special design for the Air-tow trailer and is built to accommodate the air suspension. The axle can be adjusted for proper camber and tow-in ensuring longer tire life.
AirtowFeatures_BrakesEASY ADJUST BRAKES
The brake drum is accessible for quick and easy brake adjustment.. Always having properly adjusted brakes extends the life of the brakes and tires and adds to towing safety.
AirtowFeatures_WheelsTiresWHEELS / TIRES
Most wheels and tires are 16 inch, 8 lug, high load capacity, and readily available . These radial tires are matched to carry the various trailer load ratings.
AirtowFeatures_AirBagsAIR BAGS
Modern air bags are constructed using the same methods as a tire by using high strength cords which are then encapsulated in rubber. These units are very durable in service and have a proven life of many years.
AirtowFeatures_FingertipControlsFINGER TIP CONTROL
Raising or lowering the deck could not be easier. Push the lever in one direction and the hydraulic system will engage and raise the deck in less the 15 seconds. Reverse the lever and the deck will gravity lower at a smooth controlled speed.
AirtowFeatures_LatchAUTO DECK LATCH
No loose pins, no tools required! Once the deck is fully raised, a spring activated latch automatically locks the deck in position.
AirtowFeatures_PowerCompartmentMOTOR COMPARTMENT
All components are enclosed in the motor compartment. Included is the 12V motor, hydraulic pump & tank, high capacity 12V deep cycle battery, fuse box and air system control switch.
AirtowFeatures_ToolCompartmentSTORAGE COMPARTMENT
An ideal place for carrying tie downs, tools or misc. items. Both compartments can be locked for added security.
AirtowFeatures_CouplerAUTO LOCKING COUPLER
The self locking coupler complies with all SAEJ684 safety & testing requirements for trouble free use. As you lower the coupler over the ball it will automatically open and then re-lock.
AirtowFeatures_JackTONGUE JACK
Only a few turns of the crank is needed since the jack has a quick-adjust, drop down leg. A solid leg base plate gives the tongue firm support under all conditions.
AirtowFeatures_AdjustableChainsSAFETY CHAIN ADJUSTMENT
An improper chain length may drag on the ground and ruin the chain. With our slotted link adjustment, that problem is eliminated. By the way, we use 3/8″ Zinc Grade 70 Chains.
AirtowFeatures_AdjustableCouplerADJUSTABLE COUPLER MOUNT
To accommodate different vehicle hitch heights, there is a 5-position coupler channel. This allows you to position the ball or pintle coupler and ensure a level trailer ride.
AirtowFeatures_7PinConnector7-PIN LIGHTING CONNECTOR
The 7-pin connector is standard for most tow vehicles. It can be wired so that the trailer battery is being charged while towing.
AirtowFeatures_PowderCoatedPaintPOWDER COAT PAINT
All trailers are sand blasted and then powder coat painted. This type of paint is long lasting and gives a superior appearance. As an option, various colors are available.
AirtowFeatures_LEDLightsLED LIGHTS
Brake lights, turn signals and clearance lights are all extra bright and long lasting LED bulbs.