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More than 20 years ago, the founders of Rock Line Products Inc. developed the world’s first drop-deck trailer and have been leading the industry in innovative engineering since.

In 1996, the owners/engineers at Rock Line designed and patented a drop-deck trailer called the Triple L Trailer. (“Triple L” standing for “Lower-Load-Lift”.) Safety and labor savings were the main objectives in designing this new style trailer. Being able to load equipment or cargo at ground level completely eliminated the need for dangerous loading ramps, difficult tilt beds or under size lift gates. Equipment requiring two or more people to load, could now be accomplished with one person. Light and heavy equipment movers across the nation realized the benefits and the trailer quickly became a hit.

Over the years, many new industries and markets were seeking out the trailers Rock Line designed and were requesting new, upgraded features. Today’s equipment continues to be more complex with some items having sensitive electronic components where a soft smooth ride becomes important. Based on these requests, Rock Line Products Inc. developed the upgraded and innovated Air-tow Trailer line.

Since the most requested upgrade was a better towing trailer, a completely unique air suspension feature was included on the trailer. This was, and still is, not found on any other trailer on the market. This fully automatic, self-contained, dual air suspension system adjusts for the exact weight you are carrying. It also compensates for any difference in weight from side to side. In addition to protecting your load, there is less abuse on the trailer as well as the tow vehicle.

After 18 years of building drop-deck trailers, Rock Line can boast many thousands of trailers in use across America and around the world. Rock Line Products is known for developing highly engineered, quality built products that serve many niche markets. New innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is what we here at Rock Line pride ourselves on.

Rock Line Products Inc. has a long history of building high-quality trailers and we’re one of the best-known, most trusted brands in the business. We never stop investing in research and development, so we can go to market with the latest features the other guys don’t have – and the rock-solid dependability they wish they did.

A few of the AIR-TOW basic design improvements are:

  • Full automatic, self contained, dual air suspension system
  • Three inch wider deck while maintaining the same overall width
  • Fifty percent thicker deck plate to prevent warpage from heavy loads
  • Lower ramp angle for easier hand dolly and pallet jack loading and ground level loading
  • All new axle design eliminating unnecessary tire wear
  • No tire exposure beyond the trailer frame (making it legal in ALL states)
  • Easy, accessible brake adjustment
  • Anti-theft, master lock switch
  • Improved automatic deck lock
  • Adjustable safety chain
  • High capacity, 8-lug – 16″ wheels with 12 ply tires on all models
  • Increased number of “D” tie down rings to a total of 8
  • Plus many other accessories such as extended “E-track” rails, safety lights, solar chargers and more!