Why Air Suspension? Super Smooth Ride!

209_air_bag-wAir ride suspension carries the load on each axle with a pressurized air bag much like a high pressure balloon. Air ride suspension systems have been in common use for over forty years and have proven to provide the smoothest and most shock-free ride of any known vehicle suspension system. Modern air bags are constructed using the same methods as a tire by using high strength cords which are then encapsulated in rubber. These units are very durable in service and have a proven life of many years.

In addition to providing extremely smooth ride quality, air ride suspension also provides other important features. First, the system automatically adjusts air pressure in the air bag so that the trailer always rides at the same height, whether lightly loaded or heavily loaded. This allows the suspension system to always provide the maximum usable wheel travel independent of trailer load. In addition, the higher air bag pressure associated with higher trailer loads, automatically provides a stiffer suspension which is exactly what is required for a smooth ride. The lower air bag pressure for lightly loaded conditions, automatically provides for a softer suspension, thus providing the same ride quality for all trailer loading conditions. Since each axle is independently supported by its own air bag, the air ride suspension is a truly, fully independent suspension system.

The automatic control of the air bag pressure is accomplished by a solid state electronic control system specifically designed and packaged for vehicle use. This system continuously monitors the “ride height” of the trailer suspension and increases air pressure if the ride height is too low, by turning on an on-board air compressor. The air compressor stops automatically when the proper ride height is reached. If the ride height is too high, an automatic vent valve vents excess air pressure and stops venting when the proper ride height is reached. All required electrical power is provided by a 12 volt battery contained in the trailer equipment compartment.

  • Protects equipment and sensitive cargo – ideal for equipment with sensitive electronic components.
  • Extended trailer life – much of the shock and stress to structural members is eliminated.
  • Longer axle and tire life – automatic equal load suspension to all wheels.
  • Easier securing of equipment – less chance of  tie-downs working loose, less wear on tie-down straps.
  • Less abuse to tow vehicle – eliminates much of the bouncing and jerking on the tow vehicle.
  • Increased trailer value – air suspension is highly desired – trailer maintains high resale value.


EXCLUSIVE “Air-tow” AIR SUSPENSION  SYSTEM – (3 year warranty)


The most sought after option available – greatly increases the value of your trailer!


                             Provides the absolute smoothest ride possible for both the trailer and tow vehicle.

Air compressors enclosed in the frame on both sides, automatically adjusts the airbags to accommodate whatever load is being carried. You have stiffer suspension for heavy loads and softer suspension when empty. This Air-tow system also compensates for any side-to-side weight variance and can detect differences of as little as 100 lbs. Each axle is independently supported by it own air bag, giving a truly, fully independent suspension system. All functions are automatically handled by a solid state electronic control system.     System has 3 year warranty!