How wide is the usable space on the trailer deck?

We've pushed the D-rings all the to the edge of the trailer and eliminated all of the "extra" space to give you 75" of usable deck width on all of our trailers except the RS8-32 (which has 52") and the SN10-55 (which has 57"). The best part is that we're able to add 5" more than everyone else without increasing the overall width of the trailer. How did we do it? Part magic and part removing the fenders and tucking the wheels under the frame. Not an inch wasted!

Is the self-leveling, electronic sensor fragile?

No, the electronic sensor has all solid state components which are encased inside a solid bakeolite block. The sensor is shock proof and can operate completely submerged under water.  There are no moving parts and is only activated by a magnetic impulse as a magnet passes the sensor.

How sensitive is the air suspension system?

So sensitive that even a person stepping up on the trailer deck will cause air to be pumped into the air bags.. This automatic adjustment for the weight carried is what makes Air-tow Trailers' full air suspension so outstanding.  You always have the super smooth ride regardless of the load.

Does the air suspension work in cold weather?

Yes, unlike some air systems, the Air-tow compressors pump air through a short hose directly into the air bags. There is no steel air tank or metal air lines that can cause condensation and freezing.

What if a load is loaded heavy to one side?

Again this is the beauty of the Air-tow air suspension. It will automatically adjust and compensate for any difference in load weight from side to side. Each side has it own independent air system.

Does tongue height affect the air suspension?

While it is always desirable to have the trailer ride as level as possible, the Air-tow system will compensate for some variation in tongue height. The front and rear axle air bags are connected by one common air line so that the pressure is always equalized between the two bags. This means that you are always carrying equal load on both tires.

Why is there a 30 second delay in any air adjustment?

This delay is built into the electronic sensor to eliminate unwanted air activation caused by normal road bumps while towing.

Are there any safety features built into the air suspension system?

The system is protected is several ways. The electronic sensors on both sides are protected by 5 amp fuses. Both air compressors have 20 amp fuses. There is also an air pressure relief valve to eliminate any over inflation.

What is the normal air pressure in the air bags?

The pressure will vary depending on the load. An empty trailer will have approx. 20 PSI while a full 10,000 lb load will use approx. 80 PSI.

Where are the compressors located?

One compressor on each side of the trailer is mounted completely enclosed inside the trailer frame.

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