How does Airtow Trailers’ air suspension work?

Air is pumped directly into the air bags by two independent air compressors, one on each side of the trailer.  The axles on each side of the trailer are monitored by electronic sensors. As the axle deflects because weight is added, the compressor in turned on to increase the air bag pressure. When weight is removed the sensor initiates air release from the air bags. This allows a super smooth ride when the trailer is empty and a super smooth, firm ride when fully loaded.

What design changes did Rock Line make to accommodate today’s markets?

Improvements include: Fully automatic air suspension, 5” wider deck, 50% thicker deck, tapered roller bearing mounted flex axle, adjustable tire alignment, improved deck latch, fender skirts, master anti-thief switch, adjustable safety chains, additional “D” rings, lower ramp angle, all heavy-duty 15" or 16” tires (depending on model), etc.

What’s the overall width of the Airtow Trailer?

From side to side, our trailers are 8'6" or 102". (This is the average width of a car hauler.) Exceptions to these sizes are our as follows: RS8-35 = 73" wide SN10-55 / USN10-55 = 84" wide

What is the ground clearance of the trailer?

AIRTOW Trailer Clearance Guide In case you were wondering, here are the average heights of street curbs and parking lot stops: AIRTOWTrailerClearance_CURBS

Is trailer capacity the same as GVWR (Gross Weight)?

No, it isn't the same. If the trailer capacity is 10,000 then that means you can put 10,000 pounds of stuff on it. You'll just need to make sure your tow vehicle can pull the weight of the trailer plus the weight you'll be putting on the trailer.

Who is Rock Line Products Inc.?

Rock Line is a manufacturing company, started by the original designer and manufacturer of the Triple L Trailer. They now manufacture an upgraded trailer line called “Air-tow” trailers.

What happened to Triple L Trailers?

The Triple L Trailer Company (Premco Products Inc.) was sold to the JLG Company in 1995. They are still being manufactured today with many thousands of trailers out in the market place.

Why did Rock Line decide to manufacture the Air-tow trailer?

Being the original designer and manufacturer of the Triple L Trailer, we were very aware of design changes that needed to be made in order to accommodate today’s market requirements.  JLG, being the largest scissor lift company in the world, saw the Triple L Trailer as an accessory or complimentary product to carry their scissor lifts. No major design changes have ever been made on the trailer since it was first invented.

What are some of the Airtow Trailer uses?

Being a ground-level loading trailer, customers found many uses where they could load their product without damage while at the same time reducing personal injury and cutting labor costs since in most cases loading became a one man operation. Here are just a few of the many uses:   Scissor lifts, skid steers, excavators, pavement rollers, pavement sweepers, mowing equipment, appliances, safes, vending machines, ATM machines, storage bins, party goods, gas bottles, striping equipment, machinery, etc.

Who buys Airtow, ground-level loading trailers?

Cities, school districts, State & county agencies, universities, rental yards, sign companies, safe & security companies, building contractors, electrical contractors, Vending machine companies, equipment repair, machinery movers, party goods rental, military bases, airports, laundry equipment suppliers, etc.

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