Travis Woster, Bobcat of Aimes, Iowa

Travis talks about how is 3 Airtow Trailers have helped him reduce labor costs. – March 1, 2017

James Dillon, Nevada Safes

After 4 years and thousands of safe deliveries, I realized Airtow is the only way to deliver our safes. – October 14, 2016

MG’s New Harley & Rs8-32

“I just bought an Airtow Trailer and it’s got to be one of the best things I ever bought! The suspension is nice & the ties downs, as you can see, are perfect. If you wanna buy a trailer, you must go Airtow! That’s the way to go!” April 21, 2016  MG – Harley Owner 

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Troy Bybee, Mountain Safe Company – Lake Havasu, Nv

Troy Bybee from Mountain Safe Company talks about his great experience loading safes onto his Airtow Trailer.  Mountain Safe Company www.mountainsafecompany.comApril 11, 2016

Jeff Glenn of Trinity Equipment Sales

“I placed these keys on the tongue of this trailer after locking the power compartment and then I went back to secure the equipment I had loaded onto the trailer. After securing my equipment I got in my truck and drove 80 miles to my next destination – completely forgetting that I left my keys sitting, loose on the trailer. The roads weren’t smooth and I don’t drive like a Sunday driver. So imagine my surprise when these keys were STILL THERE 80 miles later! I’m so thankful for the smooth-riding air suspension of the Airtow Trailer. On a different trailer I would have lost these keys. That’s over $300 in locks I don’t have to replace! Thank you Airtow Trailers!!” March 31, 2016 Jeff Glenn

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Wayne Bushman, Wood Street Rental Center, Wis.

Wayne Bushman from Wood Street Rental Center explains how he’s finally safe pulling a trailer thanks to his S10-55 Airtow Trailer. – Feb 25, 2016

Safe Movers Talk About Airtow Trailers @ ALOA 2015

Two different safe movers who own Airtow Trailers came into the show booth at the Associated Locksmiths of America trade show in Reno Nevada. July 25, 2015

Steve Fulks, Tree Stump Grinding – Oklahoma

“This is my new Air-tow trailer I bought this year. I never thought I would be excited about a trailer but this beast is awesome from the quality of build, strength, cost, and mainly from a safety point of view when I load my 4.200 pound stump grinder. No more slippery ramps and no more smashed fingers.” 9 October, 2014

Mark Camby, Southern California

“I bought this trailer 2 years ago and today, I proved why I bought it. This is a seed cleaner that weighs about 4 tons. I wouldn’t have been able to have moved it today had I not had this trailer. Let me show you how we got it on. This machine was sitting inside of a shop. And we actually hooked the chain to the D-rings, pulled it out the door and back to the dove/duck bill underneath the machine and then we pushed it on with the forklift. Because the forklift wasn’t capable of picking the machine up. So that’s how we did this. And I’m glad I have this trailer.” 27 October, 2014

Bobby Talsky, International Safe & Vault – Florida

“What a great towing trailer! Over the last 30+ yrs of safe and vault work I have owned just about every trailer made for our industry. This one is by far the best riding trailer I’ve ever owned. The others were hard on me and my vehicle! BTW, Air-Tow has incorporated a tie-down rail along each side of the deck just for us safe movers. I get nothing from this “plug” for Air-Tow but felt I would share my experience with their product. I feel it’s the best on the market for our application.”

USPS Field Maintenance – Ohio

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“I use my Airtow Trailer to haul asphalt patch and a plate tamper. I originally purchased it to haul a scissors lift, but it works great for hauling material and equipment to patch pot holes also! The plate tamper weighs around 200 pounds and I can pull it on and off the trailer easily since it lowers to ground level.” Thank You! Jim Hoffer

Absolute E-Z Up – South Carolina

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“As you can see our salesmen use a Freightline Sprinter with the Air Tow, to carry our many different models for demonstrations. We have found the UT14-10 to be the only trailer for our kind of use. We specialize in Low-Level access, and some of our units have a very low ground clearance, so with the ramp we are able to meet the demands of “Show and Tell”. The Airtow Trailer has been very dependable and withstands the rigors of the road – whether it’s summer or winter – potholes be damned! The equipment rides well and is always ready and just like when we loaded them starting out on their trip. We recommend this trailer for our distribution as well as our internal growth.” Best regards, Mike C. Buley

Alex DuBose, The Rental Guys – Northern California

“I bought my first trailer about 6 months ago. After using it myself a few times hauling forklifts, I couldn’t believe how nice it towed and how smooth it rode. You hardly knew it was back there. In fact, you had to use your cruise control to keep from speeding because you’d forget the trailer was back there. So, I’m picking up my second new one today.” 17 April, 2014

Carter Sing, Always Open Safe & Lock – Southern California

“I’m here buying my safe trailer from Airtow Trailers and it took me about a year to pay it off because they make the best safe trailer as far as I can tell on the west coast. I really wanted this trailer and they were kind enough to let me pay it off in advance. And I’m here to pick it up today and I’m very happy about that. I really appreciate this company. They give you great service, the best product and I had faith in them and they had faith in me and we made it happen today. So I’m real happy to give my testimony of pleasure and great service. Thank you very much!” 27 January, 2014

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