SolarChargingSOLAR BATTERY CHARGER 8.5″ x 8.5″ 5-Watt industrial solar charging system. Works with all 12-volt, lead/acid batteries. WirelessRemoteWIRELESS HYDRAULIC REMOTE Control your hydraulic motor with this wireless hydraulic remote. With up to 100′ of range, this add-on puts complete control in your hands.
AirtowAccessories_BatteryBATTERY UPGRADE If your trailer has a winch, or your enclosed unit has interior lights, fans, etc. you may want to upgrade over your standard battery. This battery has approx. 40% more cranking amps as well as a 40% more reserve capacity. AirtowAccessories_TrickleTRICKLE CHARGER A 6amp, “on board” automatic charger w/indicator lights. Plugs into 110 V electrical cord for overnight charging.
AirtowAccessories_SpareTireSPARE TIRE
Don’t be without a spare tire! Tire mounts neatly & conveniently within the width of the chassis.
AirtowAccessories_TireBracketSPARE TIRE BRACKET
A special custom built lockable bracket to hold your spare tire. With tire mounted, the bracket is locked to the trailer frame and the tire is locked with key operated lug lock.
AirtowAccessories_TailgateTAILGATE A full width 24” high swinging gate which is removable. The gate is available for utility (UT) models only. AirtowAccessories_LiftRampFOLDING RAMP This 24” folding ramp replaces the standard 18” permanent ramp. Available only on Air- tow Utility Model trailer. Use as a normal ramp when down and a full height tailgate when folded. Gas shocks make folding the ramp effortless.
AirtowAccessories_SideMountToolBoxTOOL BOX
A custom built, side mounted tool box. Box is 9W x 16H x 24L. Lid is gas shock controlled and locked with a flush mounted key lock. Unit is powder coat painted to match your trailer.
AirtowAccessories_WinchWINCH 9500 lb. capacity – 12V – w/10’ remote control.
Mounted on custom cross tube bracket and connected to existing 12V deep cycle battery. (Brand may vary.)
AirtowAccessories_RubberBumperRUBBER BUMPER
A full width, heavy duty, rubber cushion that mounts on the front cross bar. Located 15” above the deck, this bumper protects your equipment as well as you trailer.
AirtowAccessories_RemoveableCrossbarREMOVABLE CROSS BAR Standard front cross bar is 15” above the deck. This allows certain equipment to be loaded with some front overhang. A removable 2” square tubular top cross bar is available. It is 24” above deck and matches the side rails.
AirtowAccessories_ExtendedERailsEXTENDED E-RAILS
These 15” high rails extend across the front and along both sides. The rails are 2” x 6” tube with welded e-track. Ideal for positioning and securing taller loads such as safes, appliances, vending/ATM machines.
AirtowAccessories_ExtendedRailsEXTENDED SIDE RAILS
2” square tubular rails available in either 12” or 24” above existing trailers sides. (giving a total height above deck of 36” or 48”) Rails run along front and both sides. Available only on utility (UT) models.
AirtowAccessories_ETrackStrapE-TRACK STRAPS
These 2 inch x 12 foot heavy duty ratchet straps have special attachments to be used with E-tracks. Can be placed at 2” intervals to help secure your load with a Working Load Limit of 3,000lbs.
AirtowAccessories_ShoringBarE-TRACK SHORING BAR
This cross bar is ideal for placing in front and behind your cargo. Can be placed at 2” intervals to help secure your load With a Working Load Limit of 3,000lbs.
AirtowAccessories_PintleHitchPINTLE HITCH Heavy duty ring coupler that is interchangeable and can replace standard 2-5/16” ball coupler. AirtowAccessories_SurgeBrakesSURGE BRAKES Used in place of electric brakes. No wiring required but it relies on the force exerted by the tow vehicles. Primarily used when trailer is being towed by many different vehicles which may not be wired for electric brakes.
AirtowAccessories_ColorsCOLOR CHOICES
Standard Air-tow trailer color is royal blue. Other standard colors are available. Just let us know what color you want us to paint it and we’ll add it to your quote. (All trailers are sand blasted and powder coat painted.)