AirtowFeatures_2017_AirbagAIR SUSPENSION
Unbelievably smooth ride! The system automatically adjusts for the exact weight you are carrying. It even compensates for any side to side weight difference so that you always have a level ride.
AirtowFeatures_2017_PowerCompartmentPOWER COMPARTMENT
All components are enclosed in one lockable compartment. Includes: 12V motor, hydraulic pump & tank, 12V deep cycle battery, remote hydraulic control, master anti-thief switch, optional battery charger.
AirtowFeatures_2017_RubberSpring2gRUBBER SUSPENSION
The optional rubber suspension has a progressive spring rate, the further it is compressed, the stiffer it becomes. It is gradually stiffened according to the load being applied by progressively increasing in proportion to the load being carried. This rubber suspension can withstand severe shock loads at maximum capacity without bottoming out which greatly reduces forces transmitted to the trailer frame and cargo.
AirtowFeatures_2017_ControllerREMOTE CONTROL
Operation could not be any easier! Press the “UP” button and the hydraulic system will raise the deck in less than 30 seconds. Press the “DOWN” button and the deck will gravity lower at a smooth controlled speed. Also available with a wireless remote control.
AirtowFeatures_2017_SwingArmAxleSWING-ARM AXLES Air-tow’s exclusive, proprietary swing arm axles are mounted with large tapered roller bearings. No plastic guides or spring bushings that will wear out and need to be replaced. Adjustable camber and tow-in ensures longer tire life. AirtowFeatures_2017_ValveHYDRAULIC FLOW CONTROL VALVE Allows for a controlled flow of fluid to regulate the speed the deck lowers to the ground.
AirtowFeatures_2017_TiresTIRES Air-tow trailers are equipped with more expensive, highly desirable radial tread tires that are balanced for increased trailer life. All tires are matched to carry the various trailer load rating. AirtowFeatures_2017_MasterPowerANTI-THEFT SWITCH
This master switch can turn off the entire trailer electrical system. For security, lower the trailer deck, turn off the switch and lock compartment door. No one can tow your trailer (not available on models with rubber suspension)
AirtowFeatures_2017_BalancedTiresBALANCED WHEELS Air-tow is the only trailer that comes with all wheels dynamically balanced. This ensures a smoother ride, better tire wear and less wheel bearing stress. AirtowFeatures_2017_DeeperStorageDEEP STORAGE COMPARTMENT
An ideal place for carrying tie downs, tools or misc. items. This 10” deep, built-in compartment is lockable
AirtowFeatures_2017_FenderlessFENDERLESS The wheels and suspension are all located within the confines of the trailer frame. No wearable folding or protruding fenders that might need replacing. Tires are completely covered and legal in all states. AirtowFeatures_2017_TongueJackTONGUE JACK
Only a few turns of the crank is needed since the jack has a quick-adjust, drop down leg. A solid base plate gives the tongue firm support under all conditions. 10,000 lb capacity
AirtowFeatures_ExtraWideDeckEXTRA-WIDE 75″ DECK Many pieces of equipment are 6ft. (72”) wide. deck width is very important. Air-tow has an extra wide 75” width. and capable of carrying larger skip loaders, wide pavement sweepers or two scissor lifts side-by-side with room for easy tie downs. AirtowFeatures_2017_AdjustableCouplerADJUSTABLE COUPLER
To accommodate different vehicle hitch heights, trailers come standard with a 5-position coupler channel. This allows adjustment of the ball or pintle coupler and ensure a smooth level trailer ride.
AirtowFeatures_2017_DiamondSteelDIAMOND PLATE DECK (3/16″) The trailer is designed to carry heavy loads without deforming or warping the deck. The extra heavy 3/16” steel diamond plate is standard. AirtowFeatures_AdjustableChainsADJUSTABLE LENGTH SAFETY CHAINS
An improper chain length can allow it to drag on the road thus ruining the chain With our slotted link adjustment, the problem is eliminated.
AirtowFeatures_2017_RampLightsFLUSH LED RAMP LIGHTS These super bright LED light are flush to the deck with minimal hole openings to prevent wheels being trapped. AirtowFeatures_LEDLightsLED LIGHTS All lights are state-of-the-art LED’s. They are rubber and flush mounted for better protection and longer life.
Eight heavy duty “D” rings are located along the edge of the trailer deck (four are evenly spaced along each side). These rings provide a positive location to secure your load with tie-down straps or chains.
AirtowFeatures_7PinConnectorWEATHER PROTECTED WIRING
Heavy-duty construction for weather, impact, corrosion and wear resistance. Wire is heavily insulated with color-coded jacketed wire sleeving. Easy-pull grip on truck end.


AirtowFeatures_2017_WillItRoll AirtowFeatures_2017_WineGlass
LEVEL – NO TILT LOADING See the rolling ball? Not with an Air-tow trailer! Many trailers claim loading at ground level but they are still operating with an inclined trailer deck. With an Air-tow trailer, you load at ground level and the deck remains level throughout raising or lowering. This eliminates the chances of your equipment slipping or sliding that are prone to happen under wet or adverse weather conditions. Your items will remain in place when trying to load multiple pieces. SMOOTH AIR RIDE Air-tow’s super smooth ride means you WON’T SPILL THE DRINK! This air suspension is proven to provide the smoothest and most shock-free ride of any known vehicle suspension system. That means longer axle and tire life, longer trailer life due to less stress to structural members, protected equipment and sensitive cargo, less abuse to tow vehicle (no bouncing trailer) and increased trailer value.
AirtowFeatures_2017_AxleLift AirtowFeatures_2017_LoadUncouoled
EQUAL AXLE LOADS Broken springs, blown tires, tweaked axles and poor tire wear are often attributed to over loading one of the axles. Not all tandem axle arrangements distribute axle loads evenly when traveling over uneven surfaces, such as pot holes or speed bumps. Air-tow’s unique air suspension eliminates any uneven weight distribution. Front and rear axle airbags are connected together with a direct air line. As one axle is raised, increasing the pressure in its airbag, the same pressure is transmitted to the second axle by the direct air line. This causes equal weight distribution on both axles at all times. LOADING WHILE UNCOUPLED Most trailers must be coupled to the tow vehicle to stabilize while loading or unloading. This is not necessary with the Air-tow trailer. Load in advance and have it ready for pick up or leave at the job site for convenient uncoupled usage. Freeing up the tow vehicle for multi-tasking can add to your bottom line.
CURB SIDE USAGE The Air-tow trailer can be loaded and unloaded with the deck at any level. This allows backing up to steps or a curbside and unloading on the level surface. A feature not available with most trailers.