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Enjoy the same features as the flatbed trailers but with the added convenience of an enclosed box trailer. It is safe and east to enter the trailer at ground level. The full-width, low-angle ramp makes loading with a hand cart or dolly a simple operation. Airtow Utility models have a wide variety of options to fit your exact needs.

Superior Build
Airtow Trailers are hand-crafted by artisan steelworkers in our Ohio and California factories and are built as rugged as possible with the utmost quality, cutting no corners. Airtow Trailer models come standard with a 75″ wide, 3/16″ diamond plate steel deck, adjustable safety chains and coupler, 10″ deep storage compartment on the tongue, 24″ remote controller (for operation of the hydraulic motor that raises and lowers the deck), electric brakes, “F”-rated tires, flush-mounted LED lighting and a durable powder coat finish! We also offer tons of great options to customize the trailer to meet your exact needs while other trailer manufacturers only offer our standard features as expensive upgrades… if even at all!

Smooth & Maintenance-Free Suspension
Airtow’s smooth-riding, self-leveling air suspension is where the real magic happens. Our proprietary, patented Air-float swing-arm axles pivot on extra-large tapered roller bearings and ride on super-soft Firestone air bags keeping the wheels locked into a vertical plane of movement and running true, eliminating both uneven tire wear and premature tire failure. We don’t use any cheap, plastic guides or spring bushings found on other trailers that will wear out and need replaced. These axles, combined with our automatically self-leveling air suspension, offer the smoothest riding trailer available with none of the maintenance hassles!

Utility Models & Specifications

LOAD CAPACITY (lbs)3,2005,500 5,500 5,500 7,0007,000 10,000 10,00010,0009,00012,000
TRAILER WEIGHT (lbs)**17251995254527453400360033453445364538953695
GVWR (lbs)4,9257,4958,0458,24510,40010,60013,34513,44513,64512,89515,695
OVERALL WIDTH73"84"102"102"102"102"102"102"102"102"102"
DECK WIDTH52"57"75"75"75"75"75"75"75"75"75"
DECK LENGTH (w/Ramp)8' 6"10' (120")10' (120")12' (144")12' (144")14' (168")12' (144")12' (144")14' (168")16' (192")14' (168")
RAMP SIZE18"18"18"18"18"18"18"18"18"18"
INSIDE LENGTH (w/Tailgate)8'6" (102")8'6" (102")10'6" (126")10'6" (126")12'6" (150")8'6" (102")10'6" (126")12'6" (150")14'6" (174")12'6" (150")
BRAKESElectric (1 axle)Electric (1 axle)Electric (1 axle)Electric (1 axle)Electric (1 axle)Electric (1 axle)Electric (2 axles)Electric (2 axles)Electric (2 axles)Electric (2 axles)Electric (2 axles)
SUSPENSIONRubberRubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)Rubber (Air optional)
LIFT MECHANISMHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
COUPLER2"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"2- 5/16"
COLORRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal Blue
** Weight will vary with optional equipment
NOTES:15" Wheels = 5 lug - ST225/75D15 (D) 8 ply // 16" Wheels = 8 lug - ST235/85R16 (F) 12 ply // 7,000 lb. capacity trailers have single axle brakes only - (second axle brakes optional)
TRAILER LAWS: Laws may vary from state to state. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of, and abide by, the laws in their state.
SPECIFICATIONS: Specifications and design are subject to improvement and may be changed at any time, without notice.


  • Ground-level Loading
  • Non-tilting Deck
  • Extra-Wide Deck
  • Heavy-Duty Diamond Deck
  • Fenderless
  • Adjustable Coupler
  • Adjustable Chain
  • Anti-Theft Switch
  • Self-adjusting Air Suspension
  • “Air-Float” Swingarm Axles
  • 10“ Storage Compartment
  • Remote Control
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Durable Powder Coat Paint
  • 8 Heavy-duty D-Rings
  • 16” F-Rated Wheels


  • 6amp Battery Charger
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • Wireless Hydraulic Remote
  • 9,000lb Winch
  • 16” Spare Tire ST225/75D15
  • Spare Tire Bracket
  • Side-Mounted Tool Box
  • Extended E-track Rails
  • Lower Tie-Down Bar
  • Front Rail Cushion
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Surge Brakes
  • Custom Powder Coated Paint
  • 24” Side-swing Tailgate
  • and more!

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